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Apply for a UAA scholarship

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RAPPS Scholarship Information for Aspiring Principals and Superintendents


One component of the RAPPS grant provides scholarships to educators who are working towards their Type B certification and Masters Degree in Educational Leadership at UAA. 


The grant provides a scholarship for a minimum of two courses per academic year. If districts can provide financial support to their nominees, scholarships may be increased and aspiring principals can complete the EDL program more quickly.


These scholarships are for aspiring principals, who intend on working in one of the RAPPS Districts in rural Alaska.



UAA Scholarship Recipients

RAPPS Cohort #1

The following students represent RAPPS Cohort #1, the continuing students in the program.  These students will be the first graduates of the UAA RAPPS program.


All of the students listed below are receiving coaching support from the Alaska Administrative Coaching Project (AACP), continued from the fall semester. This coaching support will continue through the first year of placement as principal.  Early coaching is ONE of the major benefits of RAPPS participation! 


Jason Bickling, LPSD

Josh Bullock, BSSD

Sandi Dehoop, Kashunamiut SD

Lisa Dickens, Kashunamiut SD

Corey Evans, SWRSD

Damon Hargraves, BSSD

Robert Hawkins, YKSD

Gina Hrinko, YKSD

Linda Jennings, LPSD

Steve Noonkesser, SWRSD

Nathan Pitt, BSSD

Christina Poage, YKSD

Nicole Rogenes (Metzgar), LPSD

Denise Thomas, BSSD

Anne Titus, YKSD

Jack Von Thaer, Yukon Flats SD

Information for RAPPS Interns
Click here to download the Alaska Administrator Coaching Project’s packet for RAPPS Interns.  The Alaska Administrator Coaching Program’s website is  http://aacp.pbworks.com/.
RAPPS Cohort #2
The following students represent RAPPS Cohort #2 students. This cohort will complete their third core class (EDL 639: The Politics of Education) together during the spring semester, 2010. All of these students will be ready to begin their internships in the fall of 2010. 

Amoret Allen, Kuspuk SD

Colter Barnes, LPSD

Dana Bartman, SWRSD

Lewis Beaver, LKSD

Matthew Brankman, Iditarod SD

Vicki Charley, YKSD

Russell Clark, LYSD

Josie Dayton, YKSD

Kevin Geese, AGSD

Jeff Gryga, Kashunimiut SD

Eric Hart, Chatham SD

Ed Lester, LPSD

Nancy Mason, LPSD

S. Parker, Kashunimiut SD

Les Parks, SWRSD

Jim Parkin IV, Chatham SD

Christina Powers, LKSD

Craig Roach, AGSD 

Joy Shier, YKSD


RAPPS Cohort 3

Afcan, Samantha,    LYSD
Cornell, Bill,    LPSD
Dompierre, Bonnie,    AGSD
Dolgner, Ben,    BSSD
Erickson Grant, Tania,    LKSD
Good, Matthew,    Kashumiut
Grieve, Bernard,    NWABSD
Houseler, Darcy,    LYSD
Kuball, Erich,    Kuspuk SD
McCanna, Cody,    SWRSD
Shrider, Randi,    YKSD
Stewart, James,    NWABSD
Tucker, Shannon,    LKSD
Vink, Patty,    BSSD


Report Prepared by Susan Garton, Ph.D., UAA RAPPS Coordinator  afscg@uaa.alaska.edu







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