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Nuts and Bolts of PLCs

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Webinar Recording Dates:  November 5 and 12, 2009


How to View the Webinar Recordings


Step One:  Click the link below and complete a short sign in form to view the recorded webinar sessions: http://programs.plcelearning.com/course/view.php?id=33


Step Two:  You will receive an email with the subject line "Education Leader Network: account confirmation".  Open it and click "Yes" to view the recorded session.  All recordings will be stored at this site.


Webinar Handouts


Webinar 1 - November 5

Developing the Structural Conditions Necessary to Build PLC’s


Structural Conditions:  The Five Basics

Finding Time for Teams

Redefining, Revisiting, and Reallocating Strategies for Changing Structural Conditions




Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Click the titles to download the supporting documents

  1. *Building Professional Learning Communities in Schools; Kruse, Seashore-Louis, and Bryk; Center on Organization and Restructuring of Schools; University of Wisconsin - Madison; Spring 1994

  2. *Finding Time for Teams; Johnston, Knight, and Miller; Journal of Staff Development – National Staff Development Council; Spring 2007




Webinar 2 - November 12

Strengthening the Social and Human Resources Conditions Needed to Build PLC’s




Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Click the titles to download the supporting documents

  1. *Trust in Schools: A Core Resource for School Reform , Anthony S. Bryk and Barbara Schneider, ASCD March 2003 | Volume 60 | Number 6, Creating Caring Schools pp 40-45

  2. *A Learning Community is Built on Trust , Valerie Von Frank, The Learning Principal
    National Staff Development Council, Volume 4, No. 7, April 2009

  3. *Trust Factors, Teachers Teaching Teachers, National Staff Development Council, October 2009


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