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Nov 24 Managment Meeting

Page history last edited by Kathy Blanc 11 years, 8 months ago


Role of McREL

Self Assessment component - three variations of assessment tool.

the BalEd Assessment tool will be evaluated

Summer Institute Corrective Action Strand

Consult with Susan UAA - must be cognizent of intellectual property

Fall 09 Webinar series - must present in managable chunks Susan requests "purposeful communities" "use of all available assets"  topics - need some programs that are not sequential


Klawock, Kake and St. Mary's

Only two district Kasinimut and Iditarod with no communication / not involved in AACP


We should have audios with district leadership a couple of times a year.

Most districts want to nominate  - very encouraging.


Susan identified 13 people from RAPPS districts that are already enrolled in program.


Susan pass along list of nominations to Carol and Gary - when admitted at end of December will have a final list.


next week Susan will send the list of students from their district as even continuing students must be nominated by their district

Schmoker webinars

90 signed up about half of RAPPS districts signed up

AACP sent out throught AASP and advertised at institutes, coaches will contact RAPPs districts that have not enrolled yet

UAA will send out


Evaluator Visit


Monday afternoon - ASDN

Tuesday morning - EED

Tuesday afternoon - Schmoker webinar and ASDN


Wednesday morning - meet at UAA campus at 8:30 am

Looking to build evaluation database - what info needs to be tracked and what form.  Can this data be used for research paper.

Wednesday afternoon - join Susan and Carol for lunch

Wednesday afternoon - meet with Carol at Talking Book Library in Anchorage


December 8 - talking with McREL and Measure Progress


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