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May 2009 Leadership Institute Planning Timeline

Page history last edited by Kathy Blanc 11 years, 3 months ago



  • Contact me if you would like the list in an Excel spreadsheet or if you need a list with email addresses. - Kathy


  • Please type any items that need to be added to the timeline into the "Comments" box at the bottom of the page.



New -  Room Block Information:

  • Presenter Hotel Reservations: Embassy Suites.doc
  • List of Room Block Reservations as of April 22, 2009 (99 rooms reserved):  09.pdf




Set up registration site for institute, with information for attendees regarding agenda and hotel    Kathy 4/3 Done
Confirm numbers with districts, share hotel information, institute dates and times Les 4/4 First notification sent
Share draft agenda with stakeholder group, request comments from presenters Al emails to partners, Kathy posts draft online, John emails 4/9 Done
Work with evaluators to develop institute evaluation Greg, Al B., Lexi and Deb send Al Smith evaluation criteria for their section of the program 4/14  
Identify a Instructor for university credit requirements/accountability AND
identify a meaningful follow up project that is inline with EED goals for institute outcomes
John, Les, Paul, AK Comp Center? 4/14 Done
Contact Jerry and Terry - approve credit assignment: develop implementation plan integrated to improvement plan   4/20 Done
Attendees make hotel reservations Participants 4/20

Done - EED will inform participants ASDN will inform presenters

Participants with no hotel reservations are relentlessly pursued so that all hotel rooms are booked by April 25 EED, ASDN 4/25 Done - EED will track down participants ASDN will track down presenters
Presenters / faculty submit materials that must be read in advance Al requests, Kathy compiles 5/4 done - posted on web
Pre-reading materials go out to all candidates Kathy posts online, John emails 5/4 Done - 2 emails sent out

Contact Lexi about her data needs from the districts.

Notify all participants of any district data or materials they must produce  for Lexi

Paul, John 5/4 This seems like a late date?
Develop/print backup/dummy data for forgetters/not knowers (AIMSweb or DIASA)    Paul, John 5/4  
Order materials (binder, notepads, nametags, chart paper, markers)


AK Comp Center assist?

Complete materials for offering the institute for university credit  Kathy 5/4  
Prepare agenda for Monday 5/25 coaches meeting  Al, Les 5/4  
Post online credit registration form   Kathy 5/15  
Assign participants job alike groups and meeting locations, and locations for home groups to meet on property  EED, ASDN 5/18  
Prepare sign in sheets, registration information, etc.    Kathy 5/18  
Deliver materials to Embassy Suites AK Comp Center, EED staff 5/25  
Supervise Registration desk  AK Comp Center, EED staff 5/25  
Supervise/receive/maintain university credit applications       ASDN 5/25  
Administer PIMRS Assessment - Take home assignment due Tuesday morning - Clarify parameters - Results go to coaches to use as follow up Evaluators 5/25  


Extending institute learning?  Webinar, face-to-face - build in time to discuss next steps. Institute evaluation can address possible follow up, as will the PIMRS assessment.  Do something in October in conjunction with the state principals conference, or webinars throughout the year with Institute next May.  Tie in with Winter Conference is another possibility.






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