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March 23,2009

Page history last edited by Kathy Blanc 12 years, 2 months ago

Al’s Notes

RAPPs Management Team Teleconference

March 23, 2009

−    Gary reported that he is collaborating with Cherie to get closure on expectations of McREL re: deliverables. They are scheduled to conference call on March 31.

−    Les and John reported that they have talked to Al Bertani who is going to coordinate the Institute… and Al will start off with a presentation on Learning Communities.

−    Les mentioned that he is engaging Data Analysis along with McRel to assist with the Institute. He mentioned that they have received a terrific response… approximately 100 people… so have had to relocate to Embassy Suites due to increased audience.

−    We anticipate that UAA and the CA Institute will likely share some presentors during the week.

−    We anticipate that the Institute will begin on Monday evening, May 25 and that the TA coaches for the Institute will meet that afternoon.

−    Robert suggested that perhaps we should consider conducting the pre test before the Institute with participating principals.

−    Micah Firesteen mentioned that he has some cognitive tools for learning communities he’d be pleased to share. Kelly asked Micah to send them to Les so he can look them over.

−    Micheal of Measured Progress asked about their role(s) with the Institute… What are the expectations of them?

−    Les mentioned that he is accessing monthly reports from improvement coaches and input from a recent stakeholders meeting for reference in planning the Institute agenda.

−    Les mentioned that he and his colleagues are planning on approximately 125 participants with the CA Institute.

−    Susan mentioned that she will be talking to Les about possibly planning some joint activities, e.g. plenary sessions… for both the UAA Rural Cohort Institute and the CA Institute.

−    We are anticipating a series of follow up webinars beginning Fall 2009 through Spring 2010.

−    Everyone agreed it is important for participants to meet face to face during the Institute with Pam and Harvey.

−    Susan mentioned that we have 16 continuing UAA students and 22 new UAA cohort students. She has been anticipating a ceiling of 35 with the understanding that last people enrolling will be placed on waiting list for the next cohort.

−    Susan has been participating with bi weekly elive sessions with cohort enrollees. About 18 enrollees are participating. She expects to have them all officially admitted to the program by the end of April. She will forward the UAA Summer Institute agenda to Kelly… and she notes that UAA wants half day set aside for Measured Progress.

−    Micheal indicated his readiness to work with Susan on the agenda.

−    Susan mentioned that she is not clear as to the role(s) of the coaches… with the UAA Institute. She wants to invite the coaches to participate and is working with Gary and Carol on this.

−    We may opt to ask Carol to be available throughout the week to help individuals in the CA session engage coaches, as well as helping UAA students to also engage coaches.

−    Kelly will look at a budget to determine what we have available for coaches to participate with the Institute.

−    Carol mentioned that she has reviewed the book by Pam and Harvey… and said she really liked it.

−    Robert reported that he has revised the objectives in accordance with USDOE directives to state all objectives as performance measures. He is collaborating with Kelly to submit our new set of project objectives and notes that the revisions are not substantive… the original objectives remain in play.

−    Robert reported that RGI intends to send a team of 2-3 evaluators to the Institute… and anticipates RGI will be engaged with project documentation and evaluation activities… photographs, individual interviews, etc.

−    Robert also reported that RGI is exploring options for pre and post assessments… looking at instruments approved by USDOE. RGI will be forwarding summary information on each tool approved by USDOE. Kelly and the Evaluation Team will conference call soon to make a recommendation to the Management Team on the tool both Kelly and RGI are recommending.

−    Susan mentioned that she still would like to conduct a pre-post assessment with her rural cohort of new UAA graduate students.

−    Carol mentioned that she has talked to Dick Flannery (sp?) about another possible assessment tool. Robert said he’d follow up with Dick to learn more about it.

−    Micheal mentioned that he is getting a feel for the webinars… being provided… not a static audience! He and his colleagues are looking at developing “stand alone” agendas for future webinars.

−    Carol mentioned that Deb did a great job pulling content ideas during a recent conference call with coaches.


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