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January 12 Mgmt Team Notes

Page history last edited by Kathy Blanc 11 years, 6 months ago

Participants: Susan Garton, Carol Kane, Les Morse, Cyndy Curran, Michael Ehringhaus, Kathy Blanc, Robert Ozuna, Ryan Landvoy, Kelly Tonsmiere, and Al Smith


•    Robert shared that he recently spoke with a representative of Val Ed about the possibility of their piloting the Val Ed test with our project in return for a reduction in test fees. They have previously pilot tested it, but are willing to reduce their fee form $360.00 to $260.00 per participant. Assuming 51 total participants next year, we are looking at approximately $13,000.00. Their representative recommends that we have each participant take the self-assessment version of the test this January as a pretest followed by a second self-assessment version (i.e. post test) this June along with an assessment completed by teachers in their respective schools. Kelly mentioned that while our original budget doesn’t include money for this, he will review the budget ASAP to determine where changes can be made in order to cover this expense.


•    Susan reported that we have commitments from approximately 20 people to participate with the new Rural Ed Leadership Cohort, 35 people with coaching, and another 16 with professional development (i.e. participants in corrective action schools who are working with Les and Cyndy).


•    Michael mentioned that the original budget for Measured Progress is based on a set number of days, and that he is okay with reducing the number of days in order to help trim the budget (to pay for Val Ed testing costs).


•    Kelly suggested we select some participants from our partner schools in corrective action status this winter and begin the Val Ed self assessment pre/post testing.


•    Michael provided a brief overview of the project role(s) anticipated for Measured Progress explaining their focus on building assessment literacy capacity among school administrators and teachers. Measured Progress is currently budgeted for approximately 57 days in Year One. He envisions their active participation with the UAA Design Team, production and presentation of four ninety minute webinars this Spring of 09, helping with the summer 09 Ed Leadership Summer Institute, and miscellaneous assistance to Gary, et al. with the coaching component.


•    Michael mentioned that he also anticipates assisting state education officials with the corrective action schools.


•    Kelly mentioned that the number of days allocated for McREL services is much lower compared to allocated days for Measured Progress (approximately 25 days)


•    Susan shared that she has been in regular communication with nominees and with people who would like to be nominated. She always confirms nominations with current superintendents. At present, there are 37 eligible names in the UAA nomination pool. She anticipates fielding a completely new Ed Leadership “Rural” cohort of 15-20 graduate students this summer. In addition, she anticipated approximately 12 current UAA grad students will participate with webinars and the coaching component.


•    Carol mentioned that she and Gary have a training session scheduled with Michael and Measured Progress colleagues targeting coaches who will be assigned to our partner schools with UAA Ed leadership students on January 17-24, in Anchorage.


•    Kelly mentioned that response to the Schmoker webinar series is very good… 130 participants thus far. Participants evaluations were conducted and will be forwarded to our Evaluation Team.


•    Cyndy mentioned she and her colleagues participated with the recent Schmoker webinar as well and that their overall response was very positive.


•    Kelly mentioned that we anticipate presenting the series of Measured Progress webinars beginning this Spring 09.


•    Les mentioned he is currently meeting with administrators from the five partner districts now designated for corrective action. They are reviewing audit findings and having school level discussions about the Summer 09 Ed Leadership Institute. He is meeting this Wednesday with them. He also is meeting this week with Gary to discuss the coaching component. Les cautions that we need to be very focused with the Corrective Action (CA) component and not expand the focus beyond what we need to do to get these particular schools off corrective action status.


•    Kathy mentioned that two local hotels are currently holding rooms for the summer institute.


•    Les envisions bringing the coaches who will be working with our CA schools together the first Monday of the weeklong Institute for training designed to enhance their coaching knowledge and skill sets as appropriate for their project roles with our project’s corrective action schools. The final four days of the institute week will involve the coaches and other Institute presenters working with representatives of the five CA districts along with some appropriate state staff. Les envisions a total of approximately 15 participants including a few of his state staff colleagues.


•    Les and Robert concurred that the Summer 09 Insitute participants will also participate with the Val Ed testing… administering the test this winter and again at end of school year.


•    Susan mentioned she and her UAA colleagues are delighted to have the two project contracts in place with Measured Progress and McREL, and foresees their participation with the Design Team and use of their respective webinars as, “significant enhancements” to the UAA Ed Leadership program. She mentioned  that she will be participating next week with the coaches meetings with Michael, Carol and Gary.


•    Robert mentioned that the Evaluation Team is continuing to develop the project’s data base and will begin sharing related information over the next several weeks.


•    Les and Cyndy anticipate finalizing a first draft of the plan for the Summer 09 Ed Leadership Institute by the end of this week; and that they will have an Institute planning Team in place by next week.


•     Robert will send Michael information on the Val Ed tool.


•    Kelly concluded the conference call explaining that no date as yet is set for the 09 USDOE project directors meeting in Washington. He said we will be sending a team of project reps. He may not be able to attend himself due to a recent injury. USDOE was originally talking about meeting in February 09… but this likely may change. More later on this.

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