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How to Post on the ASDN NING discussion board

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How do I post responses on the ASDN Ning Discussion Forum?”


To register for the online discussion site:


  • You will receive an invitation to join the online discussion forum if you have registered for credit. 


  • The invitation will come from Troy Choquette and will have the subject line "Come join me on Assessment Literacy on Alaska Staff Development Network" 

If you have not received an invitation for the online forum, please contact ASDN Program Coordinator,

Troy Choquette  (asdn@ptialaska.net, 907-364-3809).


  • Fill out the registration form so you will be able to log in.


  • Use your first name and last name or first name initial for your last name so that you will receive credit for your responses.


  • Go to the class and click on it.  Then click on the desired discussion session, 1, 2, 3 or 4, enter your reflection in the text box, and hit "Reply to This".  Then hit the blue button “Post Reply”. 


  • You can then scroll down to read other participant’s postings and reply to them.


Click here to go to the ASDN NING Discussion Board

Rubric for Discussion sessions:  Each session = 10 points


  1. Webinar concept/s included in comments: 6 points
  2. Response to another participant’s comments: 4 points


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