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Feb 23

Page history last edited by Kathy Blanc 11 years, 5 months ago

RAPPs Management Team Teleconference, 2/23/09


Participants: Les Morse, John Paden, Susan Garton, Kathy Blanc, Kelly Tonsmeire, Cherie Lyons, Gary Whiteley, Carol Kane, and Al Smith.

•    Les and John briefly reported on progress with planning the Summer 2009 Institute. They highlighted four major themes that will be interwoven throughout the week long Institute agenda:

1.    Collaboration. Participants will be grouped at different points of the institute agenda by role alike and by site “home” team designations. All presenters will be expected to include collaboration activities with their respective presentations; and to also reference the importance of collaboration.

2.    Assessment Literacy and Formative Decision Making. Participants will be expected to become familiar with appropriate assessment tools and tasks for use in making formative decisions about program implementation, and about aspects of program activities and materials needing adjustment.

3.    Instructional Leadership. We likely are looking to McREL for some content and delivery ideas here.

4.    Data Analysis. We will approach data analysis in the context of Response to current Intervention (RtI) mandates. A self-evaluation tool is available and will be introduced to Institute teams. We are open to Measured Progress for assistance here.

•    Les and John mentioned that they recently facilitated a planning teleconference with representatives of districts in the Corrective Action category. They are now in process of identifying presenters for each of the four interrelated Institute themes. During the planning teleconference, they documented several relevant needs to be addressed by the Institute. Les will forward this documentation on to Al for reference in the upcoming APR.

•    Les and John shared that they are in process of identifying Institute presenters and hope to get closure on this by the end of this week.

•    Les mentioned that the Department will assign a staff person to team up with each Institute presenter to insure that each presentation covers “essentials” highlighted by the planning committee; and to also be certain that each presentation is compatible with and supportive of the overall Institute goal.

•    In addition to the five districts currently designated for Corrective Action, some representatives from other districts on the bubble are being invited. We expect approximately 75 participants and should have closure on Institute enrollment by March 6.

•    One breakout room is scheduled upstairs from the big BP room. Les is looking into the possibility of reserving a second breakout room at the Marriot, at no cost to the grant.

•    Some of the coaches also participated with the Institute planning.

•    Kelly reported that the first Assessment Literacy webinar broadcast went very well; and that over 80 people are currently enrolled. We may hit as many as 90 enrollees.

•    Carol participated with the webinar and she was very impressed… good content and a good presenter.

•    Susan mentioned that she also got good feedback from one of her UAA cohort students that participated with this webinar.

•    Susan reported that she has recently facilitated two teleconferences with central office administrators from our partner districts… to LISTEN to what they are reporting as needs/priorities in the context of administrative preparation for rural isolated Alaskan schools. She is documenting this feedback for later reference in adapting/planning the UAA curriculum for the new Rural Cohort.

•    Susan reported that she has convened her first Advisory Board session involving 12 members and that Carol is also participating. The next meeting is scheduled March 6. Carol is helping with the links to the coaching component as appropriate.

•    Carol and Gary shared that they are coordinating with Susan in connecting their coaches with UAA cohort members; and are collaborating with McREL and with Measured Progress.

•    Cherie mentioned that McREL likely has some Ed Leadership resources that are adaptable for use with the new UAA Rural Cohort; and she looks forward to further explorations of these possibilities.

•    Les and John briefly summarized the implications the Moore Case may likely have for our project… specifically the issue of “adequacy of Department Response”… noting that the official state response due in approximately 60 days may likely reference our project’s focus on supporting schools designated as “corrective action.”

•    Kelly concluded the meeting by reminding everybody that Robert Ozuna and Susan Garton will be representing our project later this week at the Annual Project Directors meeting in DC, February 25-26, 2009; and that they have a private meeting scheduled with our PO Beatrice Ceja.


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